Creative poses for larger families, Part 2

You may remember the Wise family. Jen and her husband, Jon have a large, blended family with lots of kiddos and lots of action! When I initially did a shoot with them, I admit I was a little daunted by trying to think of ways to gracefully incorporate all of them in the frame in a way that looked natural and fun.

Luckily for me, they are a super fun family who is willing to do just about anything I ask!

The Wise family lives on a farm in a very rural area near where I live. I wanted to include parts of their rural farm in our shoot while capturing the essence of this large family. Here are some shots that came out that day.


The family recently brought a puppy into the family. If you look closely, you can see him in the photo below.



My favorite from this shoot: all the kids together in a group hug :)

Summertime, Summertime, Sum-sum-summertime! Fun Family Photo Ideas for Summer

I am grateful to have a handful of loyal customers. I have been shooting one little family since before their son, Noah, even made his way into this world.

Having loyal customers like Bianca and Zach has enabled me to really get to know them and their son, Noah, well and develop a friendship with their entire family. I was delighted and humbled to receive a recent invitation to Noah’s first birthday party in the mail with my images all over the invitation.

Since Noah was a newborn, we have always done indoor shoots. Last Thursday, the weather in northeast Ohio was mild and cool – almost fall-like – which is very unusual for July! I took advantage of it with arranging our first outdoor shoot with Bianca, Zach and little Noah. These are some of my favorite!




Creative poses for larger families

According to a 2000 U.S. census, the average number of children in families is 2. Apparently the Wise family did not fill out that census. With a blended family of five children, they are a bustling crew full of giggles.

Jen came to me with some ideas for how to squeeze everyone into the frame, and I had some ideas of my own. We blended the two and came up with some fun photo poses for larger families.

Taking advantage of the beautiful and unseasonably warm day in March, Jen’s friend, Julie – who also has a fairly large family – scheduled her family session after the Wise family session. These are some of my favorite captures from that session.

Family blanket low res

Driveway family frame low res

hands low res

And my favorite, favorite…from a country family who owns horses, chickens, turkeys, and is active in 4-H…I offer this.

Boots low res with script

A little springtime shoot with live animals

I have started a wacky thing. Go figure.

On the farm in Diamond, chickens are a part of our lives. We get them from a hatchery about an hour away when they are just one day old, and raise them in a small brooder box until they are big enough to put outside. We have become quite attached to our chickens — nicknamed “The Ladies” — because of it.

I started incorporating the baby chicks in photos last spring quite by accident while shooting photos of my daughter, Elise, playing with them.


This spring, I decided to incorporate baby chicks into spring photo shoots with my clients! I didn’t know how receptive children would be to live animals as props.

Lilly warmed right up to the idea of baby chicks.

Lilly gentle

Her brother, Liam, was a little apprehensive at first…

Liam apprehensive

After a few minutes, however, they both were quite happy to handle the babies!

What are you up to LIam

Had a super fun shoot with Lilly and Liam, and thanks to their parents for trusting me with their photos! Happy Spring!

Lilly Liam 1

A Christmas Shoot with Noah


I am so honored to have loyal customers. Especially when I get to shoot them from pre-birth through their entire first year!

I am back on the farm in Ohio for the holidays, and was so happy when Bianca and Zach emailed wanting to book a session for little Noah’s Christmas photos while I was back from Michigan. Some of these photos turned out amazing, if I can say so myself.

Merry Christmas from the cutest little Santa ever!

Santa butt

hand on presents low res

Noah close up face


Fall Graduate Session with Sean

I feel fortunate. It’s true.

There are a few hallmark occasions in our lives where we want to mark a time period with memorable, beautiful photos. Births, graduations, engagements, weddings, birthdays. I am so fortunate that I get to capture these special moments in time for people – and that they trust me enough to capture these moments. I feel truly blessed.
This week, I was fortunate to capture a hallmark occasion for a handsome boy who was so easy to work with. These are some of Sean’s graduation photos.

Sean is a baseball player. I had fun using his gear as props :)

Although this scenery may look like something in New England, this was shot practically right in my backyard at West Branch State Park! I am also fortunate to live in a place that is such a perfect backdrop for photos.

I mean, where else can you have a dairy farm as a backdrop?!

Thank you to Sean and his family for allowing me to capture these photos!

Boudoir, travel, and love!

I sojourned to the land that I adore this past weekend for a long-awaited, temporary hiatus from life, and a lovely little photo shoot.


Outside of Marquette, Michigan, I did a unique boudoir shoot, proving that sometimes the simplest things can be sexy.


There are so many photos I want to post from this shoot! But boudoir is such a sensitive subject by nature. Alas, these few will have to do!

Then it was off for some hiking, beach time along Lake Superior, and relaxation. What a lovely weekend with beautiful people in my favorite place!


Boats docked along Lake Superior




Miners’ Falls
Munising, MI


Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Munising, MI